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Our Services

Depending on your particular needs, we will analyze your finances according to the following six (6) key areas:

MAXIMIZING YOUR CURRENT FINANCIAL POSITION: We will analyze your income, expense, assets and liabilities to determine how efficiently you are managing your money.



PROTECTION PLANNING: We will help you determine your protection management needs and identify the types of Home, Health, Auto, Life, Disability and Long-Term Care products that will provide the protection your situation requires.


INVESTMENT PLANNING: The importance of each investment objective to you will depend on your risk tolerance and long-term goals. We will evaluate your investment objectives and develop a portfolio suited for your specific needs.


INCOME TAX PLANNING: We will work with your tax preparer to assess what income tax deductions, deferrals and/or credits can be applied to your situation



RETIREMENT PLANNING: We will help you determine the lifestyle you would like to maintain throughout your retirement. We will analyze your current retirement savings, employer benefits and potential income.


ESTATE PLANNING: We will work with you and your attorney to evaluate your current and future estate and make recommendations when appropriate to assist in a smooth transfer of assets.



What are the Costs?

We would like to offer you an opportunity, a chance to find out if we can be of value to you. We will be happy to schedule a complimentary financial consultation. Just a detailed discussion of your goals and the ways we may be able to help you meet your financial future with confidence.  To take advantage of this opportunity, call us now at 724-733-7333.

Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday 9 AM to 8 PM, Saturday 9 AM to NOON, either at your office, your home, or at one of our convenient locations.