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About Riskalyze

What's Your Risk Number®?

Say “goodbye” to arbitrary, subjective descriptions of risk tolerance levels. (What does “moderately aggressive'' even mean?) Instead, say “hello” to your personal Risk Number®. Using the leading scientific framework, Riskalyze objectively pinpoints the exact level of risk — including your appetite and capacity for risk — that’s appropriate for you. Take a short questionnaire to discover your personal Risk Number.
It’s quick. It’s free. It’s right here. Learn your Risk Number now.

Align Your Portfolio

Beyond identifying your Risk Number, your financial advisor can also use Riskalyze to help you:

  • Identify the current level of risk in your portfolio
  • Determine how much risk you need to take on
  • Decide how much risk you should take on

Your financial advisor will use your Risk Number to align your portfolio with the exact amount of risk that’s appropriate for you, your personal situation, and your goals.

Our Approach

At The Advisors, LLC, we take a relational approach to wealth management as we work to protect our clients’ best interests and hard-earned assets. We do this through forming lifelong relationships built on genuine trust and loyalty.

Our Approach

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We are a team of experienced financial professionals working to provide our clients with objective, reliable advice for life. We form deep connections and long relationships with our clients to better serve them and their interests.

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